Terms & Conditions

1. The client is entitled to 50% of the eventual sale price.

2 We operate an appointment only system for accepting up to 10 new items per visit. Please call or email us to make an appointment to bring in your items for sale. We only accept designer & selected top-end high street ladies wear & accessories, we do not accept underwear. All items of clothing and accessories must be in immaculate as new condition, clean with no stains or blemishes & not tainted by smoke or other odours.

3 We reserve the right to refuse to accept any items which we feel do not meet these standards.

4 After 8 weeks from the date of you bringing in your items, if no sale has been made you are able to collect them or they will be automatically given to charity

5 As we have many clients we are unable to contact them to remind them of their collection date. It is the customer's responsibility to contact Jenny Kenny Designer Dress Agency to arrange a mutually convenient collection time so that we can ensure all unsold items are gathered in advance.

6 We have a vast turnover of stock and limited storage space. Therefore if any items are not collected within the 14 day period then it will be assumed you no longer want the items & they will be donated to charity. If there is a genuine reason why items cannot be collected within this period please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

7 Items must be appropriate for the season.

(We except Prom Dresses from January-May)

  • We accept: Spring items from February,
  • Summer items from April,
  • Autumn/Winter items from September.

8 Jenny Kenny Designer Dress Agency will display the items for sale in its boutique, occasionally at external events and advertise them for sale on our Online Shop.

9 We will act as your agent to sell your items which will be priced according to their quality & saleability, whilst also being subject to seasonal reductions, sales & promotions during which time the original sale price may be reduced. If there is a minimum price that you would like for a particular item, please make this known when booking them item in.

10.You must be the sole owner of the items offered for sale and accept full responsibility of the authenticity of the item. We do not accept stolen or counterfeit goods and have a zero tolerance policy for non-authentic items.

11 All items are left at the client’s risk - we cannot accept responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items in the possession of Jenny Kenny Designer Dress agency.Customers should make their own insurance arrangements to cover loss or damage to any items if they so wish.

12 As we have many clients and get very busy we are unable to contact each client individually every time an item/s have been sold- You must contact us, either by telephone, email or text and quote your personal account number from your account card

13 Your Account Card is proof of ownership – please don’t lose it!

Due to the nature of our Business, Jenny Kenny Designer Dress Agency does not offer Refunds or Exchanges on any items purchased in our store.